when was kfc dating sim announced / KFC dating sim: KFC’s game gets players to fall in love with its brand - Vox

when was kfc dating sim announced

when was kfc dating sim announced

A number of the plot threads were left hanging, and I'm still unsure as to what I should have done to convince the Colonel of my cooking skills, but I think the one playthrough is enough for me. One character gets thrown a flimsy bone of a secondary storyline — BFF Miriam has her own little love thread going on with the scant remaining eligible bachelors — while others remain a frustrating enigma. We blur the lines between advertising and entertainment by telling compelling stories, creating engaging characters and building unique worlds. The classic stuff, the codifiers of the genre, your Tokimeki Memorials and Love Pluses. Read more about it in the blog post. The art is a highlight, while the writing is funny enough to be up to the task of making you forget you're playing an advert. Something went wrong.

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