when do izzie and alex start dating / Izzie & Karev’s Relationship Timeline On 'Grey's Anatomy'

when do izzie and alex start dating

when do izzie and alex start dating

After Izzie chooses to have surgery, Alex proves that he is more comfortable speaking about his emotions when he shows that he is afraid of his wife dying, but her surgery goes well. She then softens up to him after Meredith puts in a good word about him and they learn about their mutual love of college basketball. Meredith reads a letter Alex wrote her and learns that he left Jo so that he could commit to Izzie. He went to Kansas to visit them, decided to stay, and began a life with Izzie and their family. Although he is pleased, Alex officially breaks up with Izzie, telling her that he loves her but deserves better. Alex Karev later convinced Bailey to talk to Izzie and make her come back which Bailey succeeded in doing. Besides the formidable Dr.

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