what was wonder womans name on the show / Wonder Woman: All Of Her Loves Interests In The Comics, Ranked

what was wonder womans name on the show

what was wonder womans name on the show

He and Diana formed a bond while some complications were occurring with Steve, but while Keith felt like he loved Diana, he didn't love Wonder Woman. Available to view online, the premise has Diana imagine she is Wonder Woman in a break from her more timid and reserved daily life. One of the most famous things about the TV version of Wonder Woman is the spin that she would do to transform from her normal identity to her heroic one. Before the movie was finally made, several other people took a crack at it. Similarly, though Donna Troy mentions Wonder Woman on multiple occasions throughout Titans , Diana herself is never actually seen in the entire series. Diana Prince, known to the world as Wonder Woman, has been featured in a wide variety of media including comics, television, movies, toys, and games. Then just months later, Marston was diagnosed with aggressive late-stage cancer.

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