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resume is times new roman dated

resume is times new roman dated

When in doubt, go for practicality and readability over style when it comes to your resume font. If you need to squeeze one more line onto your resume to avoid spilling onto a second page, you can go as small as 10 points. Pros of using Verdana: Since it was designed for low-resolution on-screen reading, it's great for online applications and resume submissions Verdana also has distinct letter characteristics - like a little square over the 'i' and 'j' - which make it unique It has different weights available, giving you options for design variations between section headers and body text Cons of using Verdana: Even though it's easy to read, some people consider Verdana a bit informal The loose letter spacing may mean that you have a hard time keeping your resume to two pages Garamond font for a resume When you use Garamond font for your resume, you're truly taking a trip back in time. Welcome to Times New Roman. Kamara Toffolo. If you have a lot of experience, it may be a good choice. Depending on the font, you might be able to slightly reduce or slightly increase its size to have the two-page resume that recruiters prefer while still ensuring it's easy to read and the format is pleasing.

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