quran on dating / Islam: Marriage is the Only Legitimate Form of Romantic Love

quran on dating

quran on dating

When a couple become interested in each other for marriage, they are allowed to see each other it is called " Nathrah sharciyah" the legal meeting in which the woman takes off the hijaab, so the guy can have a glimpse of his potential wife, and a chat, since it is important to cement the marriage with that preview, which may or may not ineterst the guy or the girl, A friend of mine, was rejected by a girl after she so the way he walked, she said : "wuu dhutinaayey" and she changed her mind, she missed a great guy. Please help me. What expectations, rights, and privileges are clearly established for a couple who are dating? By Che -Guevara Started October 7, You must know your purpose in this world dont look what you see youll be fooled by its flashy desires. Sunni muslim is the only rightway. Abu Mahdi posts 36 comments.

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