is mangle from fnaf a girl / mangle's gender confirmed? :: Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Γενικές συζητήσεις

is mangle from fnaf a girl

is mangle from fnaf a girl

They have a pink snout with a small black nose, three small fluffs of fur on top of their head, pink toes and stomach, pink markings inside their ears and around their eyes and midriff, and at the tip of the tail. Therefor he became a tak apart - build up attraction. Person: What is The Mangle's Gender? It was introduced alongside The Curse on March 5th, Phantom Mangle also seems to be in a burnt state, seeming to have wires all across their body. Accept Learn more…. After Fritz Smith's shift, where he tampered with the animatronics, Mangle and the other Toys were scrapped by Fazbear Entertainment.

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