is dan dating lindsay / Lindsay Mendez on Having Daniel Radcliffe and Jonathan Groff in Her Wedding (Exclusive)

is dan dating lindsay

is dan dating lindsay

Subsequent episodes show Danny wanting very much to be a part of the baby's life and Lindsay allowing him to be; on at least two occasions, he interacts with Lindsay's expanding belly. Lindsay and Dan were such superstars as we walked around Downtown Philly, blocking traffic and otherwise having a fab time. Ken is Daniel's friend since childhood at elementary school. It is unknown whether Lindsay was aware of the indiscretions. Be the first to comment. I cannot WAIT to see all of our worlds collide in one setting! Lindsay is shown encouraging Danny to not give up on recovery and assuring him that she'll stay with him no matter what, and even stating that she firmly believes that he will be alright, no matter how high or low the chances of recovery are.

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