is amy roloff really dating that guy / How Did Amy Roloff Meet Chris Marek? Here's Their Story

is amy roloff really dating that guy

is amy roloff really dating that guy

Though the series may be over, Matt and the rest of the family, including Amy and Chris, are able to look back on Little People, Big World and see all the good that came out of their time on the series. Depends on who you ask. Perhaps Matt and Amy don't deserve Amy's kindness. Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff divorced in after 27 years of marriage. To Amy, that must have felt like a fairytale. While she admitted, "I'm not jealous or bitter," Amy did "admit, I will absolutely be frank with you guys, I think it was hard and sometimes it's still hard for me to see them just because they both were — and obviously Caryn was so much a part of my world in a different context. Possibly, Matt's bad boy characteristics actually appealed to Amy.

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