dating sim jam / This Adorable Speed Dating Sim Is Wholesome Fun

dating sim jam

dating sim jam

There is also a veritable platoon of sims built around the concept "you are an x trying to hit on a y - good luck with that! The meat chat has made me pretty hungry and I consider cooking something but the fridge which contains tonight's dinner is now off limits in case any foodstuffs decide to come to life and try their luck. Killer Trait. Last time I checked Game Jams were more supposed to be for practicing ideas and honing your craft than a product to release. No one goes under the mountain without a reason. Initially the arrangement seemed a bit 'Doctor Frankenstein goes to cookery school' but as time passes I realise that, as both progenitor and love interest, the sim has cast me as Jocasta of Thebes in a chef's hat while the cake plays the part of Oedipus. Skip to content Visit our new games list and discord server.

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