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christian dating site spoof

christian dating site spoof

Claire Wardle of First Draft News , has identified seven types of fake news: [52]. Click here! As a result, "no" votes totaled August 25, It has great potential for building public resilience 'immunity' against misinformation and fake news, for example, in tackling science denialism , risky health behaviours, and emotionally manipulative marketing and political messaging. April 15, Algorithmic radicalization Alternative facts Big lie Cherry picking Circular reporting Cognitive bias List of cognitive biases Conspiracy theory list Deception Denialism Disinformation attack Doublespeak Euphemistic misspeaking Factoid Fake news online list of websites Lying press Fallacy List of fallacies False accusation False dilemma False flag Fear, uncertainty, and doubt Firehose of falsehood Forgery as covert operation Gaslighting Half-truth Historical negationism Hoax Infodemic Internet manipulation Manipulation psychology Media culture Media manipulation Potemkin village Post-truth politics Psychological warfare Memetic warfare Military deception Propaganda black propaganda counterpropaganda State-sponsored Internet propaganda Quote mining Scientific fabrication Smearing Social bot Spin Truthiness Urban legend Whataboutism Yellow journalism.

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